Math 300 Lecture Videos

This is a collection of lecture videos for a Community College Algebra class below the transfer level. Corrections with time stamps are provided whenever appropriate.

1.1 Expressions, Relations, and Substitution


1.2 Real Number Axioms


1.6 Prime Numbers


00:07:54 Instead of "commutative and associative properties of addition" it should be "...of multiplication".

1.8 LCM and Fractions


00:09:30 I say "5 squared" but write 5 to the 5th, answer not affected.

1.9 Translation


2.1 Linear Equations


2.2 Solving Linear Equations



2.3 Linear Formulas


2.4 Percent


2.5 Apps to Work at Constant Rate


2.6 Linear Inequalities


3.2 Solution Sets

3.2-solution-sets.mp4 - Plotting solution sets for equations in 2 variables, and linear equations in particular.

3.3 Intercepts

3.3-intercepts.mp4 - Finding intercepts and using them for plotting lines.

3.4 Slope


3.5 Slope-intercept Form

3.5-slope-intercept.mp4 - Slope-intercept form, parallel and perpendicular lines.

3.6 Point-slope Form

3.6-point-slope.mp4 - Point-slope form, finding an equation of a line given two points.

3.7 Function Notation


4.1, 4.2, 4.3 Linear Systems

4.1-graphing.mp4 - Solution sets and solving linear systems by graphing.

4.2-substitution.mp4 - Solving linear systems via substitution.

4.3-elimination.mp4 - Addition and multiplication properties for systems, and solving linear systems via elimination.

4.4 Applications of Systems

4.4-systems-apps.mp4 - Easy applications of linear systems.

4.4-mixture-apps.mp4 - Mixture applications of linear systems.

4.5 Bivariate Inequalities

4.5-bivar-inequalities.mp4 - Linear inequalities in two variables.

5.1, 5.2, 5.3 Integer Exponent and Polynomials

5.1-5.2-int-exp.mp4 - Properties of integer exponent.

5.3-polynomials.mp4 - Monomial and polynomial expressions.

5.7 Polynomial Division

5.7-polynomial-division.mp4 - Polynomial long division.

5.8 Negative Exponent

5.8-neg-exponent.mp4 - Negative integer exponent and scientific notation.

6.1, 6.2 GCF and Grouping

6.1-6.2-gcf-grouping.mp4 - Monomial GCF and factoring by grouping.

6.5, 6.6 Special Products and Factoring Strategy

6.5-special-products.mp4 - Factoring special products: squares of binomials and the difference of squares.

6.6-factoring-strategy.mp4 - Comprehensive factoring strategy.

6.7 Polynomial Equations

6.7-polynomial-equations.mp4 - Solving polynomial equations using factoring and zero product property.

7.1, 7.2 Rational Expressions

7.1-rational-expr.mp4 - Rational expressions and their domains.

7.2-re-products.mp4 - Products of rational expressions.

7.6 Rational Equations

7.6-rational-equations.mp4 - Solving rational equations and dealing with extraneous solutions.

7.6-examples.mp4 - More examples of solving rational equations.

8.1 Radicals

8.1-radicals.mp4 - Principal square root and nth degree root.

8.1-root-vs-exponent.mp4 - Principal nth degree root and exponential expressions.

8.2 Radicals and Products

8.2-radical-products.mp4 - Products involving radical expressions.

8.3 Radicals and Fractions

8.3-radical-fractions.mp4 - Fractions involving radical expressions and rationalizing denominators.

8.3-more-examples.mp4 - More examples of rationalizing denominators.

8.4 Sums of Radicals

8.4-radical-sums.mp4 - Sums of radical expressions; rationalizing denominators with two terms.

8.5 Radicals in Equations

8.5-radical-equations.mp4 - Solving equations involving square roots.

8.5-more-examples.mp4 - More examples of radical equations.

8.6 Applications of Square Root

8.6-radical-apps.mp4 - Cartesian distance formula and applications to right triangles.

8.7 Rational Exponent

8.7-rational-exp.mp4 - Definition and properties of rational exponent.

9.1, 9.2 Complex Numbers and Square Root Property

9.1-9.2-complex-numbers.mp4 - Complex numbers, principal square root of a negative number, square root property for equations.

9.3 Completing the Square

9.3-complete-square.mp4 - Solving quadratic equations by completing the square.

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