Math 300 Lecture Videos

This is a collection of lecture videos for a Community College level Math for non-STEM majors class. Corrections with time stamps are provided whenever appropriate.

1.2 Recursive Sequences

1.2-recursive-sequences.mp4 - Basic Algebra review and an intro into recursive sequences.

1.2-example-4.mp4 - More examples of basic algebra and recursive sequences.

7.8 Complex Numbers and Fractals

7.8-complex-numbers.mp4 - Basic facts about complex numbers and a recursive sequence generating the Mandelbrot set.

2.1 Basic Set Theory

2.1-basic-set-theory.mp4 - Basic definitions and examples of sets, set notation, set membership, and cardinality.

00:07:07 N is the set of natural numbers, not integers.

2.2 Set Relations

2.2-set-relations.mp4 - Subset relation, universal set, complement, and powerset.

2.3 Set Operations

0.0-sets.mp4 - This segment, also used in my Stats class, matches the topics we need to discuss perfectly: unions, intersections, complements, and diagrams.

2.3-more-set-ops.mp4 - Set difference and more examples of working with set operations.

2.3-equivalency.mp4 - Using diagrams to compare expressions.

2.4 Set Applications

2.4-counting.mp4 - Applications of sets to counting.

2.4-more-counting.mp4 - Another example of counting.

2.5 Infinite Sets

2.5-infinity.mp4 - Cardinalities of infinte set.

3.1 Logical Connectives

3.1-connectives.mp4 - Logical connectives and quantifiers.

3.1-last-example.mp4 - The last example was recorded separately.

3.2, 3.3 Truth Tables

3.2-3.3-truth-tables.mp4 - Truth tables, tautologies,contradictions, and equivalent statements.

3.4 Conditional Statements

3.4-conditional.mp4 - Converse, inverse, contrapositive, and equivalent forms.

3.5 Symbolic Arguments

3.5-arguments.mp4 - Valid arguments.

4.1 Apportionment

4.1-apportionment.mp4 - Apportionment: Hamilton method, Jefferson method, Quota rule, Alabama paradox, absolute and relative unfairness.

4.2 Voting

4.2-voting.mp4 - Ranked choice voting systems: Borda, Elimination, Comparison.

5.1 Graphs

5.1-graphs.mp4 - Basic concepts of Graph theory.

5.1-graph-topics.mp4 - Paths, circuits, bridges, trees, graph isomorphism.

5.1-euler-path.mp4 - Euler paths and circuits.

5.2 Hamilton Path

5.2-hamilton-path.mp4 - Hamilton path through a weighted graph, greedy and edge-picking algorithms.

5.2-more-examples.mp4 - More examples of the same.

5.3 Planarity

5.3-planarity.mp4 - Planar graphs, Euler's formula for graphs, dual graphs.

5.3-dual-example.mp4 - One more example of dual construction.

5.4 Graph Coloring

5.4-coloring.mp4 - Graph coloring concepts and facts.

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