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Basic Algebra with Applications

Basic Algebra with Applications is a college-level elementary algebra textbook intended for an introductory course in algebra. It covers the most basic algebraic concepts, including axiomatic approach, linear equations, graphing, linear systems, polynomial equations, rational expressions, radicals, and the quadratic formula. This textbook is free and open-source: the text is distributed under Creative Commons BY-SA, and the full LaTeX source code is distributed under GPL.

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Additional teaching aids are also available (ZIP with PDFs). More than 40 short quizzes are intended to be given out during class for group work and/or discussion. They follow the text very closely, alsmost section by section. They are also class-agnostic, and can be used as either true quizzes or as worksheets.

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Contributions of all kinds are welcome. Developers are invited to browse the source code repository (git) and contact the maintainer with comments and/or requests. The contact info can be found within the text.


2010-05-12 - Prime Crawler update is due in a few days or weeks. The math part includes a treatment of the distribution of strings of arbitrary finite length in the period (spoiler: they will tend to be equidistributed under certain conditions). The code will include a new data structure for so called sparse lines, which will allow for periods as large as the product of the first million primes.

2009-10-09 - Prime Crawler is a pseudo-random number generator I made up. Here is a description and some math [PDF] that goes with it.

As for the code (designed to be very vanilla c++, known to build in Slackware and Ubuntu), you can git it:

git clone git://

or get this tarball [tar.bz2]

2009-01-18 - Birthday problem: In a group of people whose birth dates are distributed randomly, independently and uniformly, what is the probability of the event that at least 2 people will have the same birth date? PDF, LaTeX

2008-06-23 - Staistical Haiku written by students in MA 115 class, taught in Spring 2008 (I was a teaching assistant then).